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What to Drink This Summer 2019 ?

“Given that Summer is just around the corner, we jumped in to a little Market Research to fill you in on what to expect Libations Wise this Summer, 2019 “

Really, Summer? That’s miles away!

It may feel that way, but in reality the hotter months are and will be closer than you think! Along with all the festivities that come with it. You can catch us here ?. Before you know it you’ll be kicking back with what to drink this Summer, 2019 ?

Take a look at the trends we have spotted both here in little old Nz and the World

Ah Summer! Thirsty work!

Here is what we found re 2019’s Projected Trend’s

  • Palomas & Negronis 

Absolute Classics! Palomas, and Negronis are two of the biggest summer drink trends and essentially always have been! In the US, Palomas are up 18% compared to 2018, and Negronis are 12% more summery than other cocktails. Both drinks are bright, refreshing and of course insta-worthy. Paired perfectly with a fresh summer meal at the local Cocktail Bar or on a backyard patio (with us!)

  • Low ABV Choices

Here’s what Andrea Hoover, beverage director at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants in Columbus Ohio had to say.

As liquor sales decline nationally in the Us and guests become more focused on health and wellness, low proof cocktails are becoming super popular. Because low proof cocktails have a lower amount of alcohol, they typically are lighter in texture and body. Perfect for hot summer days, these light and refreshing drinks can be enjoyed before the meal, between courses to cleanse the palate, and of course, when dining al fresco!

  • Classic Collins & Gin in General

It’s pretty obvious that Gin has been possibly the most Popular go to Spirit in the past few years, so why would this change for 2019? With an exponentially growing selection of the delicate yet powerful Spirit, we see no real evidence of a slow down.. Same goes for the Collins. Why mess with a Classic! Pair yours with light and fresh flavours to keep on trend. Think Floral, Cucumber, alternative Citrus (Yuzu, Pomelo). You can’t go wrong!

  • The Spritz (including the Aperol one ?)

However, theres more to choose from than just Aperol! Get creative and think about your apéritif or digestif, whether that’s Cynar or Campari or Aperol or Lillet. Customise your Spritz further with seasonal produce, Cava, Sparkling White or Champagne and even Soda. For more on the Spritz, go here!

  • Savoury Cocktails

Maybe a little adventurous for some but nevertheless a growing 2019 trend! Savoury does not necessarily mean Salty, so in saying that we aren’t just talking about “Dirty Martini’s“. Trends show use of products such as Dutch Genever, Green & Yellow Chartreuse, Celery Bitters and even Salted Lemon. This push has a lot to do with the demand for Cocktails that are lower in Sugar, moving away from drinks from yesteryear that seemed to be sugar on top of more sugar!

  • Bonus Round! Aquavit

While not such a prevalent ingredient frequent in Nz Cocktail Bars, this Nordic origin spirit can find it’s way into delightful Tiki Classics like the “Zombie” and “Junglebird“. Strong and sometimes over bearing, this spirit can play well with others. Dill, caraway, and fennel notes can add a depth to cocktail pairings with food nicely. Next time you are thinking of a Gin based Cocktail, maybe try out an Aquavit next time, you may be surprised! For more info on Aquavit go here

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