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We offer and recommend biodegradable cups and straws to our clients, reducing wastage and maintaining a clean, green eco-footprint for our company. It also saves our customers money! Learn more here.

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We’ve developed the only fully functional portable cocktails bars for hire in New Zealand. Our Bar units are versatile, brandable and able to be used absolutely anywhere. Learn more here.

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Our wide range of in-house services are designed to streamline event planning for our clients, whether it’s a house party, office drinks or a music festival. View our services here.

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Terms & Conditions


  • All services and products supplied by BeverageSmart, to the Client are supplied subject to the following Terms and Conditions of sale which shall prevail despite any indication to the contrary by any person, agent or representative acting or purporting to act on behalf of BeverageSmart.
    The contract is binding on acceptance of quote. Acceptance of BeverageSmart terms is indicated by acceptance of quote and are binding from this date.

Acceptance & Payment

  • Full acceptance of quote and security of booking determined by payment of deposit equal to 50% of the total event invoice within 5 days of issue. 10% of Deposit payment non-refundable up to $250 value on all bookings (see rescheduling and cancelation policy).
  • Failure to accept may result in unavailability. Digital acceptance of a quote is required and date is not secured until deposit payment has cleared.
  • All bookings require full payment of outstanding balance no less than 5 days prior to date of booking. Any outstanding payment to be made after the completion of the event must be settled within 5 days, otherwise late payment charges will be incurred (2.5% per month until the balance and interest is settled).
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer to ANZ Bank Account ACC# 01-0288-0200932-00 and is the preferred method of payment.
  • Credit card payment available – surcharges apply and are automatically added when payment is processed via payment link (Stripe).
  • For business partnerships (supply via catering and other event companies/venues) payment terms are negotiable but will by default supplied on 7 day invoicing terms.

Order Confirmation & Changes
All beverage and staffing must be confirmed in full no less than 14days prior to reserved date. Any bookings taken within 14days of reserved date that time will be considered ‘Late Orders’, and in the instance of additional supply request at late notice alternative options will be offered but supply is not guaranteed, or additional charges may apply.
Where stock has already been confirmed a decrease in charges will not apply should numbers, and therefore supply, decrease for an event.  Minimum charges apply for certain product and will be advised on consultation.

Cancellations & Refunds
BeverageSmart Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy & Fees:

In the unfortunate event that you need to reschedule or cancel your event and your deposit has already been paid, the following fees may apply.

Any postponements or rescheduling made at least 21 days in advance of the booked date will be happily made free of charge – subject to availability. Rescheduling request attempt must be made within 90 days of original scheduled date or forfeiture of deposit will occur.

Postponements or rescheduling within 21 days of the booked date will incur a rescheduling admin fee equal to 25% of the prepaid deposit and may incur costs for perishables.  And further charges may apply where specialty goods are sourced as per client request.

Postponements or rescheduling within 7 days of the booked date will incur a rescheduling admin fee equal to 50% of the prepaid deposit and may incur cost for perishables.  And further charges may apply where specialty goods are sourced as per client request.

Cancellations forfeit deposit as per non-refundable deposit clause.  And further charges will apply where specialty goods are sourced as per client request.

Where a booked date is affected by restrictions caused by Covid19 where applicable for either party all terms apply but special consideration to cancellations and rescheduling will be given where disruptions from Covid19 compliance requirements are in play.

Team scheduling is booked well in advance of reserved date.  In the unfortunate event of scheduled team member booked becoming ill or unable to get to site by unforeseen circumstances all effort will be made to alert the client and replace them. A delay in arrival may be inevitable and made up on the other end or time booked that remain unfulfilled refunded.
A refund will be given in the event of a no show of items or staff hours unfulfilled where it is the fault of BeverageSmart at the rate and duration applicable to that item/team member.
In the event of multiple team members being booked on reserved date and 1 (or more) are unable to attend and cover can not be arranged a refund will only apply for the time and rate and duration applicable to that team member. No other compensation will be given.

Additional Costs
Delivery charges apply to all orders and are included in package quotes:

  • Standard Delivery Costs – are calculated on distance travelled and vehicles required
  • License fees – use of license $200 ex gst. Special license application fees vary by the size and specifics of each individual application and will be charged accordingly. BeverageSmart reserves the right to charge for administration fees where license applications are undertaken.
  • Standard glass replacement charges – $6.50 per unit


  • All third party and BeverageSmart hire items are the responsibility of the Client. Damages and breaks will be charged through via invoice once items have been returned, inspected and stocktaked.  Invoices for extra charges will be advised and issued as soon as possible within 10 days following the event.

Licensing consulation and application

Where a Liquor License is required or on Special License application the following terms and conditions apply
General terms of engagement for use of License for Special License include but are not limited to (as all conditions under the Law):


– Duty Manager may suspend service at any time should there be deemed breaches or unsatisfactory processes in place to uphold the terms of the License issued.

– Licensee (Client) is liable for any and all fines for breaches of the License conditions.  And as such compensation may be sort for any damage to Duty Managers/and the company BeverageSmart Licence and/or reputation as a result.

– Licensee agrees that the use of Managers license is for the stipulated application only and will not be used or passed on under any circumstances outside the agreed event.

– Licensee acknowledges that payment must be made within 5day post event for any charges issued should the Duty Manager be required to stay on to ensure protection and compliance of the license issued over and above initial agreed timings.

General terms of engagement for application on behalf of Client for Special LicensePayment for applications will be required in addition to and at the time of deposit.  Special license fees are not included in package quotes unless stipulated in description.

– Where BeverageSmart is applying for Special License on behalf of the client all effort is made to advise the client of required information and documentation pertaining to the application and the client agrees to supply the required information/documentation by the recommended timeframes.

– No guarantee is made to the License granted and no refunds will be given in the case of a council denying an application for any reason. Deposit and application fee refunds will not apply in the case of a denied application where an event cannot go ahead in in either case of client application or on behalf of by BeverageSmart.

Disputes and Credits/Refunds:
Disputes and credits/refunds will only be considered valid if brought to attention within 3 working days of the date of supply/final invoice. Credits will not be given for procured goods unless returned and legitimate fault found.  Credits will not be given for specialty items for custom projects and/or items/consumables unable to be onsold.

Right to terminate service:BeverageSmart and any contractors of will not engage in any illegal activities including but not limited to:
any event that fails to comply with covid/lockdown restrictions in play at the time
any event that fails to comply with liquor licensing laws and health & safety requirements
any event that is deemed to fail to provide a safe environment for BeverageSmart Staff/Contractors
any breach before or during an event that does not comply with the terms will result in BeverageSmart ceasing all service and client forfeiture of all monies paid for services.

Feel free to contact us for further clarification on terms and where your event sits within our T&Cs.