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5 Easy Steps to Better Cocktails at Home

“Looking to entertain this Summer? Jump into these easy steps to up your Cocktail Game to impress those Guests!”

Wondering why your Drinks aren’t quite the same as the pros?

When paying attention to your favourite local Mixologist, you may notice that there are a few steps they take when mixing almost any cocktail. Small things that really push your chosen libation to that next level.

Trust us, follow these 5 easy steps to betterCocktails at Home each time you are getting creative and you will be seeing significant improvement in no time! No time? No patience? Hire us instead ?

Let’s be honest, we all love a good drink!

  • Measure Everything

This we cant stress enough! Think of baking. Almost every recipe calls for exact ingredients and a method to follow. Apply this to mixing Cocktails and you will be sure to see taste and balance improving in no time. A good rule to follow is 2 parts strong/1 part sweet/1 part citrus or sour (60ml, 30ml, 15ml)

  • Use Fresh Ingredients

This one goes without saying…

Keep it fresh, local if possible and seasonal. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box too! Citrus, Herbs, Spices and anything tasty really!

  • Upgrade your Liquor Cabinet

Let’s be real… A Martini with $10 dollar Gin opposed to something top shelf is of course going to be lightyears apart in quality. Ditch the speed rail spirts and go for something a little more refined. Here is one of our favourites!

  • Garnish Choice & Garnish when Appropriate

This one doubles down on keeping it fresh, seasonal and local. Remember that Herb Garden you were “going to plant”. Well that little project would have helped immensely to up your Garnish game… Fresh leafy Herbs are amazing for mixed drinks and can really elevate the composition of any drink. We really like Stone-Fruits & Rosemary with Gin and Passionfruit & Thai Basil with White Rum

Try using info online such as Food-pairing or simply Google your Spirit match to herb/fruit etc

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

The best part!

As you can imagine trial of the above recommendations results in some pretty tasty pay offs in the form of Cocktail tastings. We all know that the key to mastering anything worth doing is practice, practice and yep, you guessed it, more practice!

However, we do suggest “practising responsibly

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