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The Bartenders “Mardi Gras”, And What To Drink With It…

“New Orleans is home to many things Alcohol fuelled, but possibly the most important time of the year (for budding bartenders) is Tales of the Cocktail”

And, what to drink you said?

Easy, the Sazerac! The Official drink of New Orleans! Decided June 23 2008 by the Louisiana Legislature. For more info on what Tales Of The Cocktail is click here.

Whilst the World’s best Bartenders aren’t strictly downing Sazerac’s on Bourbon St this week. We just wanted to celebrate such a pivotal recipe on such an important industry week! Besides, being the drink being a Star on it’s own appearing in numerous publications dating back to the late 1800’s and even appearing in 1973’s Bond Film, “Live & Let Die“.

Thirsty? Us too!

Here is how to make the Sazerac Cocktail (New Orleans Style of Course) in the comfort of your own home;

You’ll need the following Ingredients and Tools;

Then combine the ingredients as follows;

  • Ice Cocktail Glass and set aside
  • In Mixing Glass, add 45ml Rye Whiskey, 7.5ml Cane Sugar Syrup and 3 Dashes Peychauds Bitters and stir well with Ice
  • Discard Ice from Cocktail Glass and rinse with 10ml Absinthe (pour in Absinthe and swirl until most of the glass has been coated) then discard
  • Strain the freshly stirred mix into Cocktail Glass
  • Garnish with Lemon twist

There are a number of recipes to be found online for great Sazerac’s, however, in the Spirit of Tales week and New Orleans we thought it best to share the “original” adaptation ?

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