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5 Simple Steps to Your Best Ever “Bar Cart” at Home

“This comprehensive guide will have you ready for any party! And let’s be real, Having a well-curated bar cart is a tell-tale sign you’ve entered into Adulthood”

The organised assortment of shiny bottles, spirits, and mixers

Will encourage you to shake, mix and serve delicious drinks worthy of even the most picky and hard to please “connoisseurs”. After our years in the Industry, we have learnt a thing or to about what goes into a successful Bar Cart 

Let us share ?

  • Step One, The Design

Space, and what you have to work with. Your home bar should have a story and every product should connect with you on a personal level, keeping in mind the small amount of storage space you have to work with. Make sure everything on your home Bar Cart has a clear reason for being there and you should feel free to get creative—don’t let it become a dust collector!

Crowd favourites! At least a few. Much like when you’re in a bar, you don’t want everything to be too what-the-bartender-wants. Instead, go for quality products that everyone knows and loves.

Personally, I like to keep my Bar Cart close. Living room and in plain sight. An obvious conversation starter!

  • Step Two, Stocking Up On The Basics

The backbone of a good bar starts with six basic spirits: the clear and brown foundational bottles. For clear, always have a tequila, gin, and vodka on hand. For their darker cousins, scotch, bourbon, and rum and of course anything else you deem necessary

Again, all should be products that you believe in and have a story that can relate to your guests. Try for brands that are independent and or local (support local business!) and really care about the craft and quality of what they are doing. And lastly, the Environment. Choose products that aren’t harmful to Mother Earth too of course

  • Step Three, Considering Your Spirits Quality

Not too many punters we have come across enjoy straight spirits—that’s why cocktails were invented and us Mixologist’s have a job! Your bar selection will depend on whether you plan to mix and get creative with your libations, or drink your liquor neat. Obviously if you are into your Whiskey, by all means, have a Whiskey cart!

A general rule of thumb. A cocktail should be made with good spirits, but don’t use anything super-premium. If you do plan to use a higher quality tipple to build a cocktail, stick to the classic stirred, strong drinks. Think Manhattan etc. We don’t want you throwing your Liquor round and bruising it!

  • Step Four, The Mixers

Of course, you should have real fruit juices on hand. Fruits like lime, lemon, and orange are always a great option, as they pair well with a majority of spirits. Whatever you do, don’t buy the artificial green bottled lime juice or any other pre-made mixers from the grocery store. Spend the few extra dollars on the real deal or invest in a tool to do the job for you

For those who have more space to work with and plan to create cocktails often, simple syrups and agave nectar are things that you might find yourself reaching for frequently. These are all very basic ingredients but can be used as a sweetener in a lot of classic drinks

Bitters are also a perfect option for elevating your cocktail and bringing a unique twist to things like old fashions. Especially Angostura and Peychauds

And finally, a good selection of high quality carbonated mixers. There is nothing better than a custom G&T after all! Think Fentimans as a start!

  • Step Five, Tools & Gadgets

I highly recommend investing in a bartending tool kit. Tools on the higher end will last you a lifetime! At a minimum, make sure you have a 30ml/60ml double-sided jigger, boston shaker or toby tin, and muddler on hand to craft your drinks! There are a variety of jiggers and different kinds of shakers available, but it helps to do your research and find one that caters to your experience level. Head to Bar Stuff to see their range!

One often overlooked piece of equipment is good quality, drink specific glassware. A good, correct glass can really make a drink stand out! Nobody want a Martini from a plastic mug or a workroom tea cup!

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